Visaura™ Puffed & Popped Ancient Grains

Nu-World Foods is exploding with Visaura puffed and popped ancient grains.  These products are packed with ancient grain nutrition and offer unique formulation solutions and marketing advantages.

We also source additional items to provide our customers with unique allergy-friendly alternatives. Order minimums will apply.

Visaura™ Puffed & Popped Ancient Grains

  • Visaura Amaranth 1120, 2120
  • Visaura Brown Rice 1170
  • Visaura Kaniwa 1150, 2150
  • Visaura Millet 1160, 2160
  • Visaura Millet 1170, 2170
  • Visaura Quinoa 1130, 2130
  • Visaura Quinoa 1140
  • Visaura Sorghum 1130, 2130
  • Visaura Sorghum 1140
  • Visaura Sorghum 1150, 2150

 Our popped and puffed seeds can be:

  • flavored or served plain as a delicious snack
  • used to enhance flavor, mouth feel and visual appeal
  • used in a variety of cereal or bar applications
  • used as a coating for fish or poultry
  • boost nutritional profile
  • add plant-based nutrition while maintaining a clean label

 Food for Thought:

  • Puffed amaranth can be hydrated almost instantly for use in a side dish or hot cereal
  • Popped sorghum has a softer crunch than popcorn, with a smaller leftover hull, making it a safer choice for children.
  • Puffed sorghum makes a great allergy-friendly substitute for puffed wheat

Please contact our sales team for additional information.