Specialty & Functional Ingredients

Nu-World Foods is not only a custom miller, we toast, pop, puff, crack and mill a variety of seeds for sale as specialty and functional

We also source additional items to provide our customers with unique allergy-friendly alternatives. Order minimums will apply.

Specialty & Functional Ingredients

  • Pre-Gel Amaranth Flour
  • Pre-Gel Sorghum Flour
  • Toasted Flours
  • Puffed Amaranth
  • Popped Sorghum
  • Toasted & Cooked Seeds
  • Quinoa Flakes

Our pre-gels can be:

  •  used to enhance the visual and texture of beverage and pudding blends
  • suspended in cold water; recreating the appearance of cooked
    formulations without heating
  • included in formulations for breads, cookies, cereals, stuffings and snacks

 Our popped and puffed seeds can be:

  • flavored or served plain as a delicious snack
  • used to enhance flavor, mouth feel and visual appeal

Our flakes can be:

  • included in hot cereals, bars, and breads
  • used to enhance nutrition, flavor, mouth feel and visual appeal

 Food for Thought:

  • Popped sorghum has a softer crunch than popcorn, with a smaller leftover hull, making it a safer choice for children.
  • Pre-gels offer a lighter and fluffier feel than traditional flour and are great alternative in baking and beverage applications.

Please contact our sales team for additional information.