Granalux™ Pre-Gel Powders

Granalux pre-gel powders offer a unique alternative to standard flours.  Our innovative processing results in a pre-swollen starch that enhances speed of hydration, reduces mixing and blending time and can improve suspension.

Granalux Pre-Gel Powders

  • Granalux Amaranth 1140, 1180, 2140, 2180
  • Granalux Kaniwa 1140
  • Granalux Quinoa 1140, 2140
  • Granalux Sorghum 1140, 2140

Our Granalux products can:

  • enhance the sheen and texture of finished products, pudding and beverage blends
  • be used to achieve a clean label; simplifying your ingredient list
    and enhancing nutritional content
  • provide a wide range of replacement flexibility at 5-50%
  • extend the perception of freshness

 Food for thought

  • Granalux products offer a lighter and fluffier feel than traditional flour and are a great alternative in baking and beverage applications.